Guarantee Records Management
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Addressing the logistics of managing business information

Letter to Clients

Hello and thank you for your interest in GRM China.

As the first government recognized, licensed and approved provider of Records and Information Management Services in China, GRM China takes to task the commitment of providing our clients with superior service and innovative solutions. Our goal has been and continues to be for GRM to be the first choice for top local and foreign companies in China.

GRM is the first company to bring the concept of professional records and information management to China and we are broadly recognized as the pioneer of this field. Since we opened the doors to our first records center in China, we have consistently set the pace for the industry by building the best facilities and providing total information management solutions for companies doing business on the ground.

Our facilities feature the very best in security, tracking systems and fire protection and are staffed by a dedicated team of professional records management specialists. GRM offers a full spectrum of services that address the logistics of managing business information providing you a system with integrity, accessibility, security and confidentiality that can be adapted to suit your needs.

GRM is also continually improving our services and facilities to ensure that we are always exceeding our clients' expectations. Some examples of this are our specialized transfer cases for the protection of media, our grey room media storage environment, and our new destruction rotation service. Our solutions are designed to be adaptable to meet the very unique needs of every client.

A corporation's most valuable asset is its information, the work that you do and the resources that you use on a given day, week, month and year. The continued success of your organization depends on you and your key personnel's understanding and commitment to effectively managing and protecting that information as well as managing risks related to securing and protecting it.

China is the most dynamic and fastest growing economy in the world. With WTO entry and the opening up of new sectors, our clients continue to grow their business and to expand in to new markets in China. GRM's vision and strategy are in line with those of our clients, to continue to grow and expand, and to provide the same unparalleled service throughout this country.

Whether you are an existing client, or if you are new to GRM and evaluating your options, we invite you to visit us to see our facilities and to see first hand what we do and how we provide value to our clients with low cost, adaptable and creative solutions.

Yours truly,

John P. List.
GRM Information Management Services