Guarantee Records Management
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Addressing the logistics of managing business information

Business Benefits

  Companies use GRM for a variety of reasons. These may range from basic space needs and cost saving to more complicated industry and regulatory compliance issues.

This section is intended to summarize the typical benefits for a client using GRM. It also provides further resources to find out particular benefits based on the particular service or based on a company’s industry sector.

Business Benefits of GRM Core Services
Find out how each of GRM's core services can help your organization.

GRM Business Benefits for different Industries
GRM’s services benefit clients in many industries, but in each industry, a client will benefit in different ways. Find out how GRM helps companies in your industry.

Here are some of the typical benefits of using GRM.

Cost Savings
Cost savings is the most basic benefit for a company using GRM. For as little as 200 RMB per month, a company can use GRM to store and manage files at an offsite location. The cost per cubic meter to store at GRM is certainly going to be a fraction of what you pay to store in your offices. Particularly if your offices are in a central business district in a high rent building, by going to an offsite vendor like GRM, you can rent a smaller office space or use the space you have for more essential and profitable business operations.

Space Savings
Many companies use GRM because the space in their offices has reached a critical mass. By using GRM to store paper files, especially archive files, you can free up valuable office space. This creates a better environment creates space for new staff and for your business to grow.

Many clients use GRM to help increase their efficiency. By using GRM, a client will need to adopt a company wide system for filing and records management. This saves time, energy and resources. GRM also has a variety of tools including online services to help manage your inventory. This also helps with film and tape clients as barcode tracking makes tapes easier to track and manage.

Information Security
By getting paper and information media offsite with a trusted vendor like GRM, you protect your company’s information asset. The people most likely to steal and use information for malicious purposes are a company’s employees. They understand how valuable it is and how it can be leveraged. Getting information offsite and into a secure GRM Records Center can help.

Risk Management
Due to the nature of GRM's business, most of our clients also consider the risk management benefits of using us. Firstly, by getting paper and media offsite, it helps to ensure that anything that occurs at offices will not effect the information at GRM. Security at our facility combined with the fact that it is offsite, offsets security related risks and our advanced fire protection measures help offsets fire risks.