Guarantee Records Management
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Addressing the logistics of managing business information

Records Centers

GRM China Records Centers are integrated information management facilities, custom designed and built to suit especially for the purposes of managing our customers' information. Superior service from truly superior facilities is what makes GRM China the first choice in information management for leading companies in China.

From location and design, to security and fire protection, to our advanced Media Vaults, GRM China Records Centers are the ideal place for the storage, protection and management of your company's information.

More about GRM China Records Centers

Records Center Design
Learn some of the unique design features of our custom built facilities.

GRM Media Vaults
Learn more about the design and special features of our Media Vaults.

Learn more about how security works at GRM.

Fire Protection
Learn more about GRM's fire prevention and protection measures.

For more information about our Records Centers or to speak with a sales person, please contact us