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Certified Destruction

  Core Services Secure, Safe and Confidential destruction of paper files,

About Certified Destruction
Every company's information is sensitive. If a company's information was compromised, tremendous damage could be done to the company, its affiliates, its clients and potentially even the people who work there. Information theft resulting from improper disposal could lead to 3rd party litigation which could bring down companies and damage careers.

Information not only needs to be secured and protected, but it needs to be disposed of properly, or you run the risk of exposing your company, its clients and your colleagues. Statistics show that information theft is most often the result of improper security and disposal of corporate records.

GRM provides clients with service to ensure that sensitive information is professionally secured and destroyed in line with international information security standards. We ensure that information meant for secure destruction can be safely stored while awaiting destruction, that information is kept safe during transportation, that items are destroyed in a safe and secure manner and that the paper is recycled in accordance with corporate environmental policies.

GRM Certified destruction is not only convenient, easy and affordable, but also reduces your information security risks and is environmentally friendly. GRM will also provide your company with a an official certificate of destruction for your records.

Destruction Consoles
Made to resemble office furniture, GRM will install a secure console at your offices. Your staff simply inserts files for destruction into the paper slot in the console. Your sensitive documents are then protected while they await destruction.

Regular Rotation
Based on a regular schedule, usually weekly or monthly, GRM will come to your offices and open the console, exchanging the full console bag for an empty one. The console is locked and the full console bag is secured for transportation to a destruction facility.

Project destruction work can also be performed for large volumes or record purges.

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