Guarantee Records Management
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Addressing the logistics of managing business information

Document Imaging

  Core Services Converting your documents into easy to manage electronic files

Improve access, increase security and boost workflow efficiency by converting your hard copy documents into electronic files with GRM's Document Imaging service. By scanning document and indexing the electronic images based on criteria that are important to your company you can create an Electronic Document Management System. This EDMS system where by those electronic files can be retrieved at your convenience, adding value to your organization. Access your files from anywhere, search text with OCR/ICR technology, share information safely and securely.

GRM Imaging Services

GRM's professional technicians will retrieve a file or document, scan it and either email it to you, copy it to CD or post it to a secure private directory online.

Documents and files are scanned as they are received by GRM. Information is always ready available at the stroke of a key

Special Scan
Integrated solutions for special document management and imaging needs. Data storage services and EDMS Solutions available.

Business Benefits of imaging

Who Benefits from Imaging and How?
Different industries benefit in different ways from imaging. To find out more about how each industry or specialization gains value, please click here.

A Paperless Office - "No more stacks of paper in which you can't find what you need. No more pawing through piles of books and reports to find marketing information or sales numbers. No more misrouted forms, lost invoices, redundant entries, missing checks, or delays caused by incomplete paperwork."
-Bill Gates