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Media Vault Storage

  Core Services Storage for backup tapes and other sensitive magnetic media in an advanced climate controlled environment

GRM Media Vault Storage is designed for the long term storage and preservation of magnetic media, specifically for network backup tapes and other electronic and magnetic media. Items are kept in an off-site, secure, climatically controlled environment with added levels of security and fire protection.

Whether you are storing your computer back-ups, original software media, or server and client platform images, technology, film stock or video tapes, GRM's Media Vault Storage is the most safe and secure storage solution in China. Designed to preserve all types of electronic and magnetic media, GRM's Media Vaults meet international media preservation standards and assure complete safeguarding of your valuable asset.

Items for Media Vault Storage
Computer Backup Tapes – Network Backup Tapes, Drives and Computer Discs
Film and Video – Long Terms Film and Video Storage
Technology – Computers, Servers, and sensitive technology
Preservation Items – Sensitive and Historical Documents for long term secure preservation

GRM's Media Vault Specifications:
Fire resistant construction with a 4 hour fire wall
Monitored FM 200 fire suppression system
Climate Control: temperature 18-20˚ Celsius, relative humidity 35%-55%
Computer precision environmental controls
CCTV, access control, motion detection and manned Security
100% barcode tracking
24 hour/365 day access

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